Just as we use PINsentry when dealing with online banking, Verified By VISA & Mastercard SecureCode for online shopping payments, and Paypal Security Key; we should have some system in place to do orders over the telephone.

© Christopherhall

© Christopherhall

Its still common practice to give your credit/debit card details over the telephone to a merchant on the other end, but we do this by saying the numbers out loud – risking security & fraud.

We could easily overcome this by creating some sort of device, which is extremely portable (likely battery powered) & you use in conjunction with your card & perhaps an additional security feature – like a PIN code.

Pop in your 16 digit card number, a reference number from the merchant, your PIN & a 6-8 digit number is revealed.

Much like the PINsentry device provided by most banks, it provides an additional layer of security by preventing anyone nearby from seeing you input a long card number into your computer (perhaps someone peering over your shoulder).

Saying the card number over the phone is even more risque because anyone in a 50 foot radius can likely hear you; saying the card number, valid from and expiry date, your name on the card & the 3 digit security code on the rear of the card (next to the signature strip).

So this device, or perhaps it could even be a permanent service provided by a bank which substitues your card number for a 6-8 digit code for whenever you make payments over the phone or even online.