UpdateI recently decided to expand this concept and create a dedicated website for it known as Non Melting Ice Cubes… check it out! 😉

Ever thought that a drink would be tastier if those darn ice cubes didn’t dilute it with water?

I sure have, I love ice cold drinks (especially during hot days); sometimes when I have a headache or am overheated – a freezing cold glass of juice is great!

But it gets spoilt by water from the ice cubes when they melt: I’ve thought up a solution!

Non Melting Ice Cubes

They would consist of either a plastic or metallic substance which lacks any toxicity or chemicals which could be detrimental to human health.

Very thin shelled, mere millimetres.

Filled with a liquid which is quick freezing and takes a while to melt – even in warm, to hot temperatures. This liquid would also need to be non-toxic, odourless, tasteless and non-drink spoiling.

In the unlikely event that one of these cubes cracks or begins to leak – the liquid would: solidify when it came into contact with your drink, or turn into a dense powder and sink to the bottom of the cup or even it could turn a specific colour (perhaps fluorescent or incredibly dark).

Being the same size are regular ice cubes, they would be sold with their own special cube trays for easy storage in the freezer & could be frozen away from the freezer with freezer packs.

Perhaps even a step further, could be the same type of cube or a special model, in which you inject or heat the cubes… which causes them to freeze instantly?

Perhaps salt, which we all know can lower the temperature of things quickly.

Amazon has a great range of these products now as more are slowly but surely being invented and produced:

I recently decided to expand this concept and create a dedicated website for it known as Non Melting Ice Cubes… check it out! 😉