When you have a wound – they use ‘Maggot Therapy’ to treat it; The little critters eat away the dead skin, effectively cleaning & sterilising the wound.

Sound gross? Worried that they will just carry on eating away until they devour you whole… Leaving eggs to nest in your inside just waiting to burst and cause hundreds of them to crawl out of your mouth, eyes, ears, nose and the other orifices?

Don’t be stupid. They are practically new born babies, who eat only the dead skin & stop when they meet healthy tissue.

They are unable to reproduce as they are in the larval stage and too immature to do so.

The secretions of maggots were found to have an antimicrobial ability, acting as an anti-biotic.

A range of enzymes, acids and other chemicals work together to kill bacteria, and while some bacteria are not killed straight away – they are when ingested by the maggots.

So, why not harness these excretions and convert them into an aerosole form?

This would remove the need to have maggot larvae stored nearby & make it useful on the battlefield.

Hospitals could stock this in bulk, have stores of it in the Emergency Room – ready for incoming patients to be sprayed and ready to have their wounds covered to allow for the body to heal.