James Parsons - Me

James – Me

 I’m James, the author of Potential Business Ideas.

 This isn’t a blog which teaches you how to develop business ideas, create money online, build stuff    etc…

 It is simply my log of ideas, a stream of thoughts; a collection of non-existent product/services.

 All of the ideas, products, services, content, images, wording, knowledge, plans, designs, intellectual  property & generally anything else on this site/blog (and its associated sites/blogs/forums should I  build any and say – “hey, this is another one of mine…. feel free to check it out”) belongs to me,  myself and IJames, James Parsons.

 If however, you feel like you want to try and build/create anything on this site – go ahead. I do ask  that you contact me to inform me of this, Or if you’re feeling generous enough – credit  me as the inventor 😉