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Just as we use PINsentry when dealing with online banking, Verified By VISA & Mastercard SecureCode for online shopping payments, and Paypal Security Key; we should have some system in place to do orders over the telephone.

© Christopherhall

© Christopherhall

Its still common practice to give your credit/debit card details over the telephone to a merchant on the other end, but we do this by saying the numbers out loud – risking security & fraud.

We could easily overcome this by creating some sort of device, which is extremely portable (likely battery powered) & you use in conjunction with your card & perhaps an additional security feature – like a PIN code.

Pop in your 16 digit card number, a reference number from the merchant, your PIN & a 6-8 digit number is revealed.

Much like the PINsentry device provided by most banks, it provides an additional layer of security by preventing anyone nearby from seeing you input a long card number into your computer (perhaps someone peering over your shoulder).

Saying the card number over the phone is even more risque because anyone in a 50 foot radius can likely hear you; saying the card number, valid from and expiry date, your name on the card & the 3 digit security code on the rear of the card (next to the signature strip).

So this device, or perhaps it could even be a permanent service provided by a bank which substitues your card number for a 6-8 digit code for whenever you make payments over the phone or even online.


This post has two potential ideas crammed into it.

The overall, general idea consists of a standard central heating radiator… the ones found in our homes.

1) The first idea is to place small fans at the bottom, underneath the radiator’s metal grille bit; This is effectively causing air to move faster, upwards – through the radiators grooves & grilles, heating it and causing convection to occur in the area much quicker than if the air was moving of its own accord.

This might seem pointless and more energy consuming… however, this would mean we could warm our homes quicker & I think we can ALL see the benefit in that!

2) Place small fans at the top, or other end of the grille & allow the heat to pass through the blades.

Of course these fans would need to be extremely light & have very little resistance working against them – but would allow you to capture the energy being release.

The heat would warm the room AND generate small amount of electricity from them turning.

Although it would be minuscule… they would overtime allow you to generate something.