I recently came across a post which is quite similar two my own idea: http://www.stevepoland.com/idea-4-the-myspace-killer-proximity-social-networking/

The above article basically highlights the possibility of what new technologies are allowing nowadays: connecting strangers & allowing people to make new friends where ever they go.

Perhaps you walk past someone you think is attractive, intensely long (3-5 second) eye stare in in place! Your heart starts to beat a bit harder at the thought of them.

But just as quickly as this feeling came, its gone & so are the hormones which spiked and made you feel warm and giddy.

What if, using our phones, tablets, or other mobile devices – we could find out who they are? Message them? Even ask to meet up and rekindle that eye romance?

We have the possibility to do this using WiFi, Bluetooth & even cellular technology… then use this to form local Peer to Peer networks, albeit only temporary connection times but long enough to establish a long term connection.

In actual fact, the latest release of a certain type of technology called NFC (Near Field Communication) has allowed for people to stand within a meter of one another & be able to communicate/transfer information to one another.

Now, with this technology already being integrated in smartphones – people are able to start using this to their advantage & form a proximity based social network… A mobile network of peers, constantly connecting with one another & it could even lead to people finding dates.