Its dark, late & stormy…. You’re reaching for your pocket, only to realise that your keys are actually in your bag.

You rumage through it to find them sat all the way at the bottom, then pull them out; and as usual other items decide to cling onto the keys and fall onto the wet, saturated ground.

You rush to pick the fallen items up, push them back into your bag & now have to be able to see in the dark as you get closer to your door in order to see the actual lock.

The worlds smallest hole is now your goal, and you have to push a smallĀ pieceĀ of metal into it.

Many times, I’ve actually taken about 10 minutes to get the key in when i’m rushing … missing, getting worked up & frustrated.

Wouldn’t it be helpful, if both the key and lock glowed when they came into proximity with one another?

Obviously this would require some sort of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to detect when the appropriate key in near the key hole… then allow the lock to glow/light up.

This would speed up the time it takes to unlock the door & get you inside… And could be used everywhere: Cars, boats, computer cases, safes etc