Ever get your wired earbuds tangled, caught or even ripped right out of your ears?

I have and I’ve had pretty much enough of it!

The size of standard earbuds today are reasonable in size, meaning you wouldn’t need to increase the speaker area in order to add a small battery to power the earbuds.

Or perhaps, a larger version which can fit all the components required inside each ear piece.

An antenna, or Bluetooth … perhaps even a WiFi chip? For local communication with another device – such as a smart phone.

We must remember that communication technologies of today, can be quite a power drain (a reason why I switch off my Bluetooth on my iPhone), are still quite large: but are becoming smaller & smaller – lets just hope that the newer versions are more power efficient.

We also need to take into account the extra chips, circuitry, wires etc which would be needed inside ear earbud – meaning the overall size of each would still be quite chunky; if a simple “antenna – to – wire – to – minute PCB (circuit board) – to – battery – to – speaker” configuration could be achieved, then this could be a viable potential product.